Product Description:  A metal snap link that comes in a variety of different colors. They are 3" long and make a great addition to your light duty hardware selection.

mini carabiners

Alternate product names: Snap link, key holder.

Alternate styles:

Standard Carabiners Standard oval carabiners, D shaped carabiners, locking carabiners, blue gate, spring link.



Common materials: Aluminum

Uses: The mini carabiners are not meant for climbing or any kind of heavy duty use. They can be used as an accessory piece for key chains, water bottles, bag straps, and daisy chain straps.  We do carry standard carabiners as well.

key chains  Daisy Chain Strap

Common restrictions: The mini carabiners are NOT for climbing or heavy-duty use.  For more information on the above hardware, please send an email to